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Recharge your Resolutions!

It’s that time of year again where we look back at the resolutions we made on New Years only to find that we are struggling to keep them.

Good goals become great when we fulfill them! So how do we recharge and then keep our team on track and focused on our goals throughout the year?  Instead of going through the motions and just getting through the day try these quick tips to RECHARGE YOUR TEAM! 

Reaffirm the Commitment 

When you started the year you may have made a plan to make this year much more successful than last.  If you didn’t, then this year will probably be very similar to last. You can take any road to nowhere and get there on time. You may have even communicated your new goals to your team with passion and enthusiasm. Did you write them down?  Did they? Writing goals down will give everyone clarity and focus. Research shows that you are significantly more likely to hit a goal that is written down instead of just spoken. Write it somewhere where everyone can see it everyday.  Maybe you could even develop a slogan or phrase that everyone can remember. 

Refine Strategy 

Are the processes and plans you put in place working? Perhaps additional accountability needs to happen in order to help all of your team achieve what you have set before them.  Don’t be afraid to make revisions throughout the year as you monitor what is working and what may need to be improved upon. 

Refocus Energy 

Are you setting the tone to accomplish your goals throughout the day? Don’t fall into your usual routine and lose site of the work and progress needed to reach your goals. Your staff will mirror you so if you follow through they will too!  

Reward Accomplishments 

Focus on the each person’s growth and acknowledge and reward progress. It is an effective way to motivate and develop them as well as create a healthy working environment.  Also remember to praise publicly and deal with problems privately. Watch the bounce in their step when they feel supported and appreciated.  Oh and don’t forget food and bonuses are always great rewards for a job well done! 

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