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Our Curriculum:

The First Step

Your service advisor team will master how to:

Greet clients professionally
Focus on clients’ concerns by asking thorough diagnostic questions
Reaffirm your understanding of the clients’ concerns and put their minds at ease
Perform a complete walk-around
Inform the clients of all maintenance needs by giving benefit-based presentations, implementing the “What’s in it for me” approach
Build lasting relationships to increase customer retention
Personalize closing techniques
Offer realistic promise times
Follow-up and inform clients throughout the day
Schedule the next visit

The Next Step – Advanced Selling Techniques

Your service advisor team will master how to:

Deliver word tracks naturally
Sell complete maintenance packages by implementing the “What’s in it for me?” approach
Follow-up and inform clients throughout the day
Recognize buying signals through body language
Overcome the competition without negativity
Develop advanced closing skills
Handle Objections by changing opinions
Perform an active delivery
Use Customer Satisfaction Word Tracks that leave a positive impression

What Drives Women?

This is the only service advisor training program designed and taught by your target customer: Women! In this service advisor training program, service advisors will acquire a full understanding of:

Why we need to focus on selling to women
The most important three seconds
Misconceptions about our industry
Professional greetings
How to ask diagnostic questions
How to put women at ease
Why women need reassurance
Performing a complimentary walk-around
The difference between selling to men and women
Compliments to start the walk-around
Finding out what is important to her today
Most common type of shopper profiles
How to use this information to give personalized benefit-based presentations and closes that women will appreciate
The importance of following up throughout the day
Active deliveries
Setting up the next visit

Advanced Training Series:man reading swss manual

This advanced service advisor training series teaches your service advisors a wide variety of skills.

Understanding Personalities 1-2
Developing Relationships 1-2
Understanding Body Language 1-5
Breaking it Down 1-12
Learning Benefits 1-4
Asking Diagnostic Questions
Writing Word Tracks
Selling Tires
Telephone Skills 1-3
What Not to Say
But I have a Warranty!
Advanced Telephone Skills 1-6
Time for your Tune Up
Selling Menu Packages

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