What Drives Women?

“Women today are a major influence in most major buying decisions and this program taught us the importance of selling to women with their emotional buying power and high expectations.

I am a firm believer that you cannot manage what you cannot measure. The Fremont Motors Group has seen a .37 increase in customer pay hours per R.O. within 30 days upon completion of the ‘What Drives Women?’ service advisor training seminar. “

~ Tom Koshko, Director of Fixed Operations, Fremont Motor Companies

Most service facilities report that women make up over 60% of their clientele. Yet when a large research company performed surveys, over 80% of the women said they were unhappy with some part of the service experience.

These results prove we have not yet mastered communication skills, or created warm, friendly environments that will connect with our female clients, and make them feel comfortable enough to buy.

Most women will tell you they want to be treated just as a man when they come in for automotive service. This simply isn’t true. We expect so much more when it comes to listening skills and customer service.

What Drives Women?

This program can be purchased 3 ways:  As a part of the Fixed Ops University service advisor training curriculum,  separately as a 2 CD set, or can be scheduled as a one day service advisor training seminar. Call 317-509-5617 for more information.


This the only program available today designed and taught by your target customer Women!  this innovative training includes:

  • Why we need to focus on selling to women
  • The most important three seconds
  • Misconceptions about our industry
  • Professional greetings
  • How to ask diagnostic questions
  • Putting women at ease
  • Why women need reassurance
  • Performing a complimentary walk-around
  • The difference between selling to men and women
  • Compliments to start the walk-around
  • Finding out what is important to her today
  • Most common type of shopper profiles
  • How to use this information to give personalized benefit-based presentations and closes that women will appreciate
  • Following up throughout the day
  • Active deliveries
  • Setting up the next visit