Service Advisors work with more clients on a daily basis than anyone else in your store, yet quite often they receive the least amount of training.

Would you even consider letting a new employee try to sell a car without professional training? Yet this is exactly what many stores do when they hire a new advisor and put them on the drive without proper service advisor training. Let us provide the proven processes, consistent service advisor training and accomplished mentors needed to turn your team into professional selling service advisors while reducing employee turnover. An investment in your fixed operations staff will result in an increase in customer paid revenue, increased customer retention and increased customer satisfaction. Your professionally trained service advisors will deliver service that exceeds your clients' expectations and keeps them coming back for more! 

Automotive service advisor training
turns your service advisors into sales and customer service professionals.

"sw Service Solutions has been a tremendous success for our dealership. Since we implemented their service advisor training, we have increased our customer pay sales per RO by over 1 hr, and our customer satisfaction scores have never been higher.

They bring an exciting and innovative strategy to selling on the drive that all of my service advisors can relate to.

Whether you are struggling with under-performing advisors, or are a successful dealer looking for an extra edge, sw Service Solutions service advisor training will help you deliver results!"

~ Jason Verkler, GM, Citrus Motors, Ontario, CA.