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Spanish: Benefits That Sell (Beneficios que venden)

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Capacitación gratuita para Asesores de Servicio en Español-¡Beneficios que Venden! Este curso ayudará a sus asesores a pasar de recitar listas a dar presentaciones efectivas basadas en beneficios. En esta sesión, un instructor de asesores de servicio profesional discutirá cómo utilizar los beneficios en un proceso de ventas de 5 pasos para que los clientes no solo compren, sino que se vayan sintiéndose seguros con su compra. Se revisará una lista de beneficios para la mayoría de los servicios de mantenimiento preventivo y se proporcionará un folleto con notas y nuestras listas de beneficios en español. Esta valiosa información se presentará en un Power Point en español con subtítulos.


Selling the Job

Coming Soon!

This is another step for increasing CP sales. In this session, advisors will learn effective techniques for selling repairs and MPI recommendations after the concern has been diagnosed. We encourage advisors to bring in declined RO’s or jobs they are getting ready to call and sell. 45 min class, $49 (Free to our subscribers)


Selling Preventative Maintenance Packages

Coming Soon!

Let us increase your customer paid sales as we demonstrate how to build value into following preventative maintenance plans. Advisors will learn how to present combinations of services with similar benefits in a concise but effective manner, so your customers are never overwhelmed. 30-40 min class, $49 (Free to our subscribers)


The First Step Live


We host one every month for new hires! Start your team out right with this professional process training! Advisor training participants will master how to:

  • Greet clients professionally
  • Focus on clients’ concerns by asking thorough diagnostic questions
  • Reaffirm their understanding of the client’s concerns and put their minds at ease
  • Perform a complete walk-around
  • Inform the clients of all maintenance needs by giving benefit-based presentations
  • Implement the “What’s in it for me” approach
  • Build lasting relationships to increase customer retention
  • Personalize closing techniques
  • Offer realistic promise times
  • Follow-up and inform clients throughout the day
  • Schedule the next visit

2 hour class, $295 – (Free for FOU Members)


Body Language Skills that Pay Off

September 18th, 1:00pm CST

Actions really do speak louder than words. Over 80% of our communication is through body language, yet in service departments, many have not taken the time to master this skill. In a time when many are wearing masks, the ability to read posture has become more relevant than ever. Join a highly qualified trainer in a session that will teach:

  • Why it is important to learn this skill
  • How to recognize body language signals
  • What each signal/posture tells us
  • How to send out positive signals
  • How to break the habit of negative signals
  • How to change the posture and change the mind
  • The importance of mirroring

Take your customer relations skills to the next level and work your way to more approvals by becoming an expert at reading and delivering this advanced level of communication.
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How to do Business During the COVID-19 Crisis- Free on-demand webinar

Watch at your convenience! Professional trainers and consultants Steve Kwiatkowski, and Sally Whitesell, have uncovered many unique and creative ways to overcome the business challenges created by COVID-19. This presentation will review many successful steps other shops have taken to keep their businesses open and employees on the job. This session will cover:

  • How to maintain customer communication
  • What to tell customers
  • How to reach out to them
  • How to promote a “We’re Open for Business” message
  • How to reassure customers about your new cleaning regimens
  • Overcome their fears
  • How to organize pick-up and delivery
  • How to continue to present and sell maintenance in this economy
  • How to “stand out” and grow your business when others are failing

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What Drivers Want in Automotive Service Free Webinar

Research shows there is no clear differentiation between service facilities in driver’s minds. “Aren’t they all about the same?”  This statement alone makes it clear that drivers are yours to win!

Before we can win them over by exceeding their expectations, we need to know what their expectations are! Sally Whitesell, the president and founder of sw Service Solutions has combined her 25 years of service advisor training and service consulting with important Google research for a session packed full of critical facts, impactful quotes, and simple solutions that will change your customer’s perceptions. This session will cover:

  • How drivers feel about service centers
  • Why your digital presence matters
  • Critical moments to win customers over
  • How to use each critical moment the most effectively
  • The importance of transparency in service
  • How to make your store the most convenient
  • The importance of establishing a routine for your staff and guests

We will explain how to use this information to create successful policies and processes that will change “Aren’t they all about the same?”  to, “I wouldn’t go anyplace else to get my car serviced.” You will walk away with a clear understanding of how to create loyalty while increasing sales, customer satisfaction scores and reviews. 40 minute Free Webinar.


Benefits That Sell!

There is a HUGE difference between selling and telling. Let us help your advisors evolve from reciting lists to giving effective benefit-based presentations. In this session, a professional trainer will discuss how to use benefits in a 5-step selling process so your customers will not only buy, but they will walk away feeling good about their purchase. A list of benefits for most preventative maintenance services will be reviewed and role-plays may be required. 40 min class, $49 (Free for FOU Members)


Getting the Biggest Return on Your Training Investment (Managers & Owners Only)

Getting the Biggest return from your training investment webinar promo imageThis class is for non-FOU members. sw Service Solutions has developed many training tools and accountability processes to help managers guide their team to huge increases. This invaluable session will be packed full of ideas to keep your team motivated with fun competitions, regular training exercises, and consistent monitoring. Many forms and tools will be presented and available for participants to print and use to facilitate consistent growth and increases. Questions will be welcomed at the end of the session so that everyone walks away with a clear understanding of how to get the biggest return.


Closing Skills – Getting to Yes!

If we don’t ask them to buy, they won’t!  Many advisors stop short of closing the sale. They may offer services as a suggestion, but they simply don’t know how to get the signature on the dotted line. This session is full of effective closes for your team to review and choose from. A professional trainer will encourage your team to personalize their presentations and closes by keeping them simple, yet effective. 40 min class, $49 (Free to our subscribers)