emotional woman

Women are more emotional. Yes, I said it!

-by Sally Whitesell.

Emotions play a big part in most women’s purchasing decisions. Yes, I said it! It doesn’t mean we are less informed. It means we use a combination of facts and feelings to make buying decisions. In case you don’t believe me – gentlemen, when was the last time you spent an entire day looking for the perfect outfit for one occasion? Many women will do such a thing because we buy things (including products and services) that make us feel good about how we take care of our homes, our families, and ourselves.

Here’s a secret to selling to a woman: First, listen to find out which feelings may motivate her to buy, and then show her you understand by using a personalized presentation.

What does she feel strongly about?

  • Her time constraints for the day
  • How the car looks or handles
  • Her family’s safety
  • The cost/her budget
  • Reliability
  • The conveniences your store offers

Pay close attention to everything communicated during the write-up. She may mention that she uses this car to drive her children to little league events and they have an important game tonight. She has just verified that safety, reliability, and time are going to be important points in making a sale.

Here’s an example of how to use this information.

“Ms. _____, I noticed you are right at ___000 miles and as you can see, your coolant looks burnt and dirty instead of clean and clear. This is a sign that it has done it’s job, and needs to be replaced as recommended by the manufacturer. Coolant protects many parts of your vehicle by keeping it running at the right temperature. Keeping it maintained will prevent more expensive repairs in the future that could occur from freezing or overheating on hot summer days and long drives.

It sounds as though your kids keep you very busy and on the road a lot, right? (Let her agree or talk) The last thing you should have to worry about is car problems on your way to their special events. We can take care of this while we are doing your oil change and it will only add __ minutes and bring your total to $____.   As long as no other concerns are revealed in our complimentary inspection, we will have your car back to you in plenty of time to get to your son’s game tonight. Would you like to take advantage of our complimentary shuttle service while we take care of your car? ”

This is a soft-sell approach that will make her aware that you first listened, and then understood what she feels strongly about. Feel free to try this at home. You’re welcome!

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