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What Drives Women? training program (video)

Thank you for taking the time to research your largest demographic: women!
Most service facilities now report that women make up over 60% of their clientele. Yet when a large research company performed surveys, over 80% of the women said they were unhappy with some part of the service experience.

These results prove we have not yet mastered communication skills, or created warm, friendly environments that will connect with our female clients, and make them feel comfortable enough to buy.

Most women will tell you they want to be treated just as a man when they come in for service. This simply isn’t true.

We expect so much more when it comes to listening skills and customer service.

You see, men buy based on facts or needs, whereas women buy based on feelings and emotion. Yet service advisors continue to deliver lists of services needed and maintenance plans without ever listening or considering what’s really important to the women they’re dealing with. Most women feel intimidated, and not comfortable making a buying decision.

In order to break the cycle of misconceptions in our industry, and become more profitable, it is critical to learn how to stimulate good, positive feelings from the moment the clients walk through your door until the vehicle is delivered back to them.

This is exactly why I have developed the What Drives Women training program. It is based on facts and insights based on extensive research, many years of working on drives across the country, and finally, my very own personal experiences.

Your advisors and managers will gain a complete understanding of how to stimulate positive feelings so you can dramatically increase your customer retention, customer satisfaction, and customer paid revenue. But we haven’t forgotten about the men. This is a program that focuses on the differences between selling to men and women. We will cover professional skills and processes every client will benefit from.

Call me today, and we can discuss all of our training options. We would love the opportunity to turn your selling team into more perceptive selling professionals!

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