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Fixed Ops University Report

Sept. 12-18, 2022
Last Name First Name Course Name Completed Final Score Result
Jaguar Land Rover Flatirons
Barker Melissa 003 The First Step 3 2022-09-13 100.0% Passed
Cohen SM Bryan 025 Asking Diag Questions 2022-09-16 100.0% Passed
Farias Rene 002 The First Step 2 2022-09-15 100.0% Passed
Farias Rene 003 The First Step 3 2022-09-15 83.0% Passed
Montoya Erik 008 The First Step 8 2022-09-18 100.0% Passed
Montoya Erik 009 First Step Test 2022-09-18 96.0% Passed


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