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Excellent Service…I Promise!

-by Sally Whitesell

Customer service surveys are becoming more difficult to get our customers to fill out, and therefore, more difficult for us to receive. Let’s face it; we’re all over-surveyed these days. We’re usually not interested in wasting our time unless we are extremely irritated or extremely impressed. In an effort to increase the return rate, service advisors usually bring up their desire to make sure their customers are completely satisfied at the check-out. Frankly, this seems like too little, too late. It can become an insincere pitch that we have all grown numb to hearing. How much more effective do you think it would be if we told our clients that our true desire is to make sure they are completely satisfied from our first interaction with them during the write-up?

Now, I have to admit I am not the first one to think of this, but I have found an easy way to incorporate this method into our process and word tracks!

After the professional greeting and listening to the main concern, we always give reassurance. This is the perfect time to incorporate this CSI word track.

Mr. /Ms. Customer I appreciate all of the great information you have given me today. This is really going to help your factory-trained technician understand what you are experiencing so that he knows exactly where to start. Rest assured that we will only use factory authorized equipment and parts to diagnose and repair your car. I promise to keep you updated and you can expect my first call between 10:00 and 11:00 this morning. Which number will be best at that time?

Great! I want you know that my goal is to make sure that I am providing excellent service, and that you leave feeling completely satisfied with your service experience. Now can I ask you to make me a promise? Let them answer.

If for any reason, at any time today you are not feeling completely satisfied with the service you are receiving, will you please let me know immediately so that I have the opportunity to address your concerns? Let them answer.

Thank you! Now let’s complete your check in with our complimentary walk-around. Please follow me.

You have just accomplished two things. You have let them know you care enough about making them happy to open the door to critiques and you have made them feel you are going to keep them updated. We just let them know when to expect a call so we have to follow through as promised.

But let’s reiterate our goal before they leave.

Mr. /Ms. _________ it’s been a pleasure to help you with your vehicle. Earlier today you made me a promise. Do you remember? Let them answer.

Yes, you promised that you would let me know if for any reason you were not completely satisfied with the service I provided. Since I haven’t heard from you, is it safe to assume you are Completely Satisfied? Let them answer. Awesome! Well, you may receive a survey asking how you view your service experience. It would mean a lot to me personally if you could take a minute to fill it out. Can I count on you to do that for me? Thank you! I look forward to helping you keep all of your cars maintained in the future and look forward to seeing you _____ months from now. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity.

If you have kept your promise and asked them to commit to filling out the survey for you, you have a much greater possibility of them following through which leads to increasing your survey return and CSI.

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