Exceptional Service Starts in Your BDC

Free tips to get started! What do we mean when we say exceptional customer service?  I can tell you this: it’s not offering your customers cheap coffee or stale popcorn! The automotive industry is highly competitive, and a key differentiator for exceptional service starts at the first point of contact: the phone call! Service BDC […]

Don’t Leave Money Sitting on the Table

By Sally Whitesell- It’s a great time to be in automotive service. Everyone is busy! Customers finally understand that since new and used car inventory is low, they need to maintain and repair what they have. Yet many shops are not taking this opportunity to provide clients with the best service experience by providing thorough […]

The Power of Persistent Training

~By Kristopher Hampton  An overwhelming majority of service managers surveyed say they have at least one advisor on staff that they would like to replace. Many had more than one. This type of turnover is a huge expense to the store and creates major stress for the management team, who constantly must be in “rebuild” […]

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Who is Eating Your Profits?

-by Sally Whitesell for AutoSuccess Magazine. Terminating someone is never pleasant and not to be taken lightly. As a former service manager I only had to fire one service advisor -and it was a tough decision. However, in most cases it is the employee’s decision to get fired. What do I mean? Certainly it’s the […]

How to Become an Authentic Leader

Prominent thinkers in the motivational and leadership fields are challenging the traditional traits of great leadership. Their research indicates that valued leadership qualities have changed. They believe that leaders should lean more toward authenticity rather than perfection. Most leaders feel that being professional in their position means being organized, focused and strong.  Although these qualities […]

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What Constitutes a Great Workplace?

A Harvard Business Review shows that Boomers and Millennials are changing what constitutes a great place to work. (Keep in mind that each of these generations are roughly twice the size of Gen. X which lies in the middle, so it is critical that we listen.) When a group of 50 multinational companies spearheaded two […]

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Press Release – The Automotive Distribution Network

The Network partners with sw Service Solutions to provide online service advisor training The Network is eager to report they will provide professional service advisor training online through a new partnership with sw Service Solutions Fixed Ops University in 2020! The Network aims to provide services and tools that help members achieve next-level goals. By […]

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Becoming an Outstanding Manager

-By Sally Whitesell for AutoSuccess Magazine Do you think a sports coach would be a great manager in the car industry? A truly great manager is able to manage their team effectively and coach individuals, all the while leading by example. Great coaching does not include throwing chairs or stomping up and down the sidelines […]

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Does Professional Service Advisor Training Pay Off?

-by Kristopher Hampton, sw Service Solutions trainer Have you ever considered how many clients your service advisors work with each day? According to NADA, most advisors write-up an average of 15 customers per day and talk to many more on the phone. This makes them the most important customer service representative in your store. They […]

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Fixed Ops University Video

 We have less than 8 seconds to grab and keep someone’s attention before their mind starts to wonder. We have so much information at our fingertips that our brains decide to shut down sooner if the information isn’t valuable, stimulating or just plain fun. Are you still with me? I am Sally whitesell, president […]

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Is Your Store Ready For Training?

-by Sally Whitesell I have been hired numerous times to perform training in stores that are not mentally or physically prepared for growth. Mentally, because their advisors think they are doing well enough and don’t see the growth potential in their position. Physically, because the shop is already full, or scheduled work is backed up […]

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How To Train a Goldfish. (Or a human with a short attention span)

-by Sally Whitesell for AutoSuccess Magazine Are you having problems getting your Fixed Ops team to pay attention and retain the information from your training programs? Are you conducting training sessions without getting results from your trainees? Are they insubordinate, lazy or just plain bored? Believe it or not, most of your people have good […]

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It’s Not About Speed

-by Sally Whitesell for Fixed Ops Magazine MYTH: “Customers just want fast service. They want to be in and out quickly and they don’t want to be sold anything at the write-up.” Ever heard these statements before? I hear this from advisors all the time, and they couldn’t be more wrong in these assumptions. Of […]

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Why Aren’t There More Women in the Auto Industry?

As a female trainer who has been in this industry for 25 years, I am constantly asked this million-dollar question. Listen up, because I am going to give you some straight answers. Make no mistake; creating a gender balance on your team is worth millions. When female clients see a gender-balanced staff, they will be […]

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Presenting Maintenance is Not a Choice, it’s a Responsibility!

-by Kristopher Hampton for AutoSuccess Magazine How would your clients feel if, while leaving your store, someone shared that their advisor didn’t tell them about all of the maintenance recommendations for their vehicle? Do you think they would be mad, disappointed, surprised? Would they ever trust your store again? Keep in mind that when we […]

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Get Your Customers in the Door with a Service BDC

-By Sally Whitesell For AutoSuccess Magazine Your phone is ringing. It’s your most important customer calling. Your dealership has spent a lot of money to get the phones to ring. Every poorly handled call is a lost opportunity that you can’t afford. When service advisors – who are already working at a frenetic pace – […]

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How to Avoid Survey Backfire

-by Sally Whitesell for AutoSuccess Magazine Customer satisfaction surveys have trained us as consumers to scrutinize every aspect of our customer service experience. You can’t make a purchase without someone asking you to fill out a survey. I could spend 2 minutes in a store and feel perfectly satisfied because my visit was quick and […]

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Give Your Advisors the Foundation They Need to Build Success

By Sally Whitesell for Fixed Ops Magazine. As a professional trainer, my goal is to help you increase production, retain customers and employees, and boost CSI. Yet many times I’ll be training at a dealership and notice that the foundation needed to build these wins aren’t in place. Here are some crucial questions to ask […]

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Creating a Successful Team

By Kristopher Hampton for Auto Success Magazine. Imagine for a moment that you are the coach of your favorite team and getting ready for a new season. You have the right players and talent to go all the way to the championship with hard work, focus, preparation, and training. This is going to be the […]

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-by Sally Whitesell for Dealer Service Magazine. Never underestimate the importance of a professional greeting! Nothing sets the tone for an exceptional service experience more than a warm welcome. I’m not just referring to your client’s experience, but also your advisor’s experience with each individual. When we start off by making clients feel like a […]

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How to Make Your Training Sessions Pay Off

-by Sally Whitesell for Auto Success Magazine. Are you conducting training sessions without getting results? Are you having problems getting your team to retain information and effectively implement your processes? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may not be presenting material in a way that triggers the memory banks of 90% […]