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Maximize every opportunity to increase CP sales, customer retention and CSI with a completely customized service menu.

Man pointing to an tablet

Stopletting your advisors decide “if” they want to sell.
losing thousands of $$$ in revenue.
Stop sending your clients to your competition.

Start giving consistent recommendations and prices 100% of the time.
Start maximizing every opportunity before during and after the write-up.
Start equipping your advisors with the most important tool they will ever need to sell.

Pre-check in

  • Eliminate surprises with pre-appointment package emails.
  • Educate and prepare your clients through visually appealing presentations before they arrive.

Presenting the MPI:

  • Visual presentation can be revisited or emailed once the technician has diagnosed and inspected the vehicle.

During the Write-Up:

  • Encourage benefit-based presentations with built in word tracks, videos and prices.
  • Easily present factory recommended services, dealer preferred service, and premium care packages.
  • Close with one total price using automatic totals.

Setting up the Next Visit:

  • Declined services can be reviewed, printed out in a colorful booklet, and scheduled so they come back.
  • Recommendations can be printed and scheduled for the next service interval. Get the commitment! 

Monitoring for success with daily reports:

  • track the # of presentations
  • track approvals and declines
  • measure advisor performance
  • monitor user compliance

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