Becoming an Outstanding Coach

Do you think a professional coach would be a great manager in the car industry? A truly great manager is not only able to manage their team effectively, but also coach individuals while leading by example. This may not include throwing chairs or stomping up and down the sidelines, although I have to admire their […]

How Courtesy Shuttle Drivers Can Make Everyone Happy

What one person has the opportunity for an uninterrupted 10-20 minute conversation with your potential buyers and service customers? Your courtesy shuttle driver. Is this a person you trust to represent your store? The benefits of a friendly, professional shuttle driver can’t be overstated.  Their influence on your CSI and production can make an impact on the success of your […]

What Constitutes a Great Workplace?

A Harvard Business Review shows that Boomers and Gen Ys are changing what constitutes a great place to work. (Keep in mind that each of these generations are roughly twice the size of Gen X which lies in the middle, so it is critical that we listen.) When a group of 50 multinational companies spearheaded […]

Are Your Phone Skills Costing You Money?

When someone picks up the phone to call a business they have just taken the first step toward buying.  If they lose confidence in your facility on the phone, chances are you will lose the sale. Poor phone skills could be costing you a lot more than you realize! Many stores request that we mystery shop their […]

What Drives Women? training program (video)

Thank you for taking the time to research your largest demographic: women! Most service facilities now report that women make up over 60% of their clientele. Yet when a large research company performed surveys, over 80% of the women said they were unhappy with some part of the service experience. These results prove we have […]